Lightest PET bottle - Zala, ZA and Sola

Favorite drinks Pivovarne Union Zala, ZA and Sola have awaited summer in a new packaging. New, stylish and fashionable bottle is the lightest half-liter bottle of Slovenian suppliers and follows the trend in the market of soft drinks. In collaboration with one of the leading companies in design P.E.T. Engineering S.r.l., we have developed the lightest half-liter bottle for Zala, ZA and Sola. The new, stylish and fashionable bottle follows the trend in the market of soft drinks. Gastro PET d.o.o. continue to follow its vision and global trends of development, which focuses on the use of environmentally friendly packaging which minimizes waste and improves the environmental, as well as health and safety aspects of its products and processes.

Partnership with PET Engineering

Radler - Lero
In collaboration with Invista, one of the world's largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers we have developed PET packaging for Radler – Lero for Podravka d.d..New 2L bottle is economical, practical and user friendly.